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Website has gotten a fresh brush 👨‍🎨

Website has gotten a fresh brush 👨‍🎨

As you might have noticed, the design of the website has changed a little bit.

It was time for a change

The reason for this is more emotional than rational: I felt it was time for a change because having looked at the website no longer appealed to me.

The lack of colors had made the website look sterile and monotonous.

What has changed?

I decided to be a little bolder with colors and turned the top bar to the Flutterclutter blue and the part of the background underneath to a gradient that also starts with that color.

It looked a lot fresher but this led to many other tweaks a I had to make:

  • Text that finds itself inside the gradient doesn’t stand out if it’s dark. That’s why I had to change a lot of text colors, especially of headlines
  • The article images in the feature slider are mostly blueish. In order to make them more eye-catching, I gave all of them a white border
  • The top bar has had a light background. The contrast to the background of the center part was too hard now so I made the top bar blue as well
    • This way I had to adapt the links and the overlay menu as well

Things I have changed apart from that:

  • For lots of the website content, I hadn’t used the whole 12-columns of the layout. Instead, many parts only used 10 columns. I decided to use the whole space everywhere
  • I made the top bar tinier (including logo and search bar)
  • The introduction part on the start page became smaller as well
  • In the articles, I removed the card-like boxes with white backrground and box shadow
  • Images in the feature slider were differing in height which I normalized

… and many other smaller tweaks!

Before / After

Now let’s take a glance at the page that changed the most: the start page, looking at the visual changes.

The old start page before the redesign
The old start page with its monotonous look
The new start page after the redesign
The refreshed start page

In my opinion, the work was worth it. The page looks younger, more open-minded and just more modern.

The space is used much better as the whole width is being used everywhere and elements with unnecessary height have been shrinked.

I enjoy these kinds of changes from time to time just like the migration from Wordpress to Hugo last year, which was technical and a visual change.

If you have any suggestions or opinions, feel free to comment or contact me directly.

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