Marc Gerken from Germany, Bremen

Who is this?

Moin, my name is Marc Gerken from Bremen, Germany and I would like to share my love for Flutter with you! 🤓 ❤️

Why Flutter?

I have always had the urge to create things. Since I’m all thumbs, I am unable to properly do that in the real world. I guess that’s why software development has become a passion of mine.

During my studies of computer science in Bremen, I mainly came into contact with the Java world, which was a pleasant introduction into the area of OOP. After that, I have worked some time in the web sector, developing a not so close relationship to the then rather immature language PHP.

During my private projects I tried out many languages, frameworks, libraries and tools and eventually ended up in the app development business. I have quickly come to the realization that the way I had to deal with UI in the iOS environment (except for SwiftUI) was pretty cumbersome and that it is quite exhausting to take care of two code bases for a single project.

Flutter solves most of the problems I was struggling with. That’s probably why I am so enthusiastic about it and started writing this blog.

Why blog about it?

Ever since I started using Flutter, I have been amazed at how well it’s documented by Google.

Nevertheless, during the development of my first apps, there were moments when I had to search the web for solutions. Every time I had to google a little longer to find a solution or I found that the results on StackOverflow were not detailed enough, I took a note. I said to myself, I would create a blog that would collect all these solutions so that everyone can profit from my insights.

That’s how the idea of Flutter Clutter was born.

So what you can find here is a collection of tutorials, troubleshooting and answers to common questions regarding app development with Flutter.

Is there anything else worth mentioning?

I’m generally an open-minded person and I like feedback! So if there’s anything you’d like to ask or tell me, feel free to contact me.

My projects

Apart from this blog and alongside my full-time job at Truststone Software GmbH, I have created several apps in the context of the GbR company I have together with my friend Christian Mehring:

  • Description:Lost and found app that uses items tagged with QR codes to establish a communication between the finder and the owner
  • Website:
  • Published:2018
  • Download:iOS | Android
  • Description:Monitoring app for chicken holders that want to keep track of the laid eggs
  • Published:2021
  • Download:iOS | Android
  • Description:Asset management app that is supposed to function as a central management tool for all asset types
  • Website:
  • Published:2022
  • Download:iOS | Android